All About Moi

1511916_10152055905400443_6468739634032800815_nWelcome to The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado!

Being as I’m a complete and utter cookbook junkie, this blog originally started out as a way for me to document my trials and tribulations of cooking through my collection, but has since taken on a mind of its own!

Even though I first started out as a pretty horrible cook (does warming up canned soup count as cooking?), I’ve since started experimenting with my own recipes and get overly excited anytime something turns out! It only makes sense that I would share my excitement with you all. I love veganizing my favourite comfort foods and creating baked treats but my most recent obsession is brunch! Plus it never hurts to show people that a vegan life-style can not only be compassionate but down right mouthwateringly delicious too!

Want to know a little more?

Well let me tell ya a little about myself. My name is Megan A.K.A. Maggie Muggins (thanks to a nickname given by a friend) and although born and raised in small town Newfoundland, I currently reside within the never-ending flat lands and blue skies of Alberta. I’m an ethical vegan (in case you were wondering) and share my home with my talented male counterpart Philip and our rescue kitties Apollo and Quack. When I’m not eating and taking pictures of food you can find me reading, snuggling with cats, teaching fitness classes at my local gym, learning everything I can about everything, daydreaming about my fantasy vegan bakery, playing with my camera and doing what I like to do best, baking!

Have any questions or just want to say hey? Feel free to send me a message!