September & November Vegan Foodie Swaps

I feel horrible for taking so long to get this post up, it seems I’m moving in slow motion lately. By no means does that mean that I didn’t appreciate the food swaps I did in September and November, as usual my partners were awesome.

In September my swap partner was Kirsten of Kirsten’s Kitchen, I’ve been following Kirsten’s blog for a while now and really enjoy it. She has lots of great recipes and nothing beats those pictures  she posts of the east coast. Makes a girl homesick, I tell ya.

I on the other hand, I was matched up with a fellow Calgarian friend of mine, Robynn! Small world eh? It was pretty convenient to pass along her swap package when we met up for dinner. Robynn doesn’t have a blog, but you can see what I sent her over at the PPK.


Kirsten sent me some great local products, like this soap that was made by a company her friend owns. The soap was fantastic, and I use the word ‘was’ because it’s now long gone.


She also sent me a Dark Chocolate Almond Bar, Vega Smoothie Mix, Maple Flakes (amazing on oatmeal!), Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds and a dish cloth that was knitted by her mother-in-law!


In November my package from the opposite side of Canada, over on the west coast. I was matched up with Chris from And Mommy Makes 3 and got a great combo of things. Chris is lucky enough to have access to a Whole Foods…although I have heard rumors of them opening one in Calgary in the not too distant future. She sent me a really yummy pack of cookies.


These crackers didn’t stand a chance, with a fresh batch of vegan gruyere sitting in the fridge, it only made sense that fancy crackers and fancy cheese would be perfect companions.




She also sent me a bag of Holy Crap, a healthy cereal that was created right here in Canada.  With it’s bits of dried cranberries, raisins and apples, I’ve been diggin’ this stuff as a great yogurt topper.


For November, I got to return the favor to Lauren at SweatPotatoPies and send some treats over to her.

Thank you so much Kristen and Chris!!

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