Calgary Food Blogger Bake Sale: Holiday Edition!

Seeing as it’s officially the time of year to get your fill of holiday baking, it only makes sense to do some baking for a good cause.

Join the Food Bloggers of Calgary on December 8 from 10am to 4pm (or until sell out) at Casel Marché. There will be all kinds of crazy delicious items for sale, with all your hard earned moola going towards Calgary Meals on Wheels, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing nutritious meals to those in need.

If you haven’t started your holiday baking yet, I’d suggest checking it out and stocking up. They’re will be all kinds of creative and delicious items to choose from, sweet treats, savory eats, along with some vegan (duh) and gluten-free items too! Just make sure you get there early, from what I hear, we tend to sell out fast. I’m still trying to decide what to make, but in case you’re curious, I can tell you that there will be cupcakes and some kind of yeasted treat.

CFBBS Holiday 2012 Poster

Check out the Facebook page and find out which other bloggers will be contributing!

Casel Marché
2503 – 17th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 770-4700

4 thoughts on “Calgary Food Blogger Bake Sale: Holiday Edition!

  1. allysia says:

    Holy shit! I’m going to be in Calgary this weekend! That works out perfectly! 🙂 Mother Mother is playing and Mike and I are driving down for it. I’m so stoked to be able to get some vegan baking while I’m in Calgary, it’s really not super vegan-friendly compared to Edmonton (or maybe I’m not looking hard enough?). Anyway, it’ll be nifty to meet you and your baking! 🙂 This is off-topic from your blog post but do you have any recommends on places to eat while we’re there?

    • Maggie Muggins says:

      Sweet! 🙂 What the hell? I had no idea Mother Mother was coming to town, I guess I’ll be waiting until the next time they show up. Yeah, you’re right, it really isn’t as vegan friendly as Edmonton but it ain’t all bad. It depends on where you’ll be staying, I live in the south so I’m not too familiar with restaurants in the north of the city. There’s the obvious place, like The Coup, Gratitude Café is pretty decent if you can look past the shitty service, Café Koi has a vegetarian menu and their bowls are really good, I tend to go there during lunch. If you’re in Kensington, Oak Tree Tavern has some good choices (chili, burger, deep-fried pickles, hummus, etc), their on-tap selection sucks but they’ve got a decent bottle selection. Also in Kensington are two Ethiopian restaurants, Marathon and Blue Nile, both are good , just don’t go there it you’re in a hurry. If you’re into visiting a brewery, Wildrose brewery has great beer and a vegan chili. In the south there’s a stir-fry place called Open Sesame, just make sure you request the veggie wok when you order; there’s also Buddha’s Veggie Fusion, all vegan meat, all so bad for you, all so good! Famoso Pizza has vegan cheese pizza, I think there’s a location on 17th Ave and one in Mackenzie Towne. Cool, hope that helps, let me know if you want any more info, there’s plenty of Indian or Asian places to pick from too. Have fun at the concert!

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