Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day Review & Giveaway!

Way back when, I remember hearing a rumor that a vegan sandwich book was in the works, and my initial reaction was “pfft, sandwiches? There’s one book I don’t need.”, sigh, how naive I was. Over time I came across teaser posts on both Tami and Celine’s blogs and my initial underwhelmed reaction turned into confusion, “wait, there’s more to sandwiches then just Tofurky slices and PB&J’s?”, and then pure excitement! The creativity that has gone into Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day is astounding, Celine Steen and Tamasin Noyles have pretty much thought of everything, and then some. If you think you’re good in the sandwich department, think again my friend. In the world of lunchtime eats, I don’t think you can ever have too much variation and this book has over 100 hundred recipes dedicated to the ever so humble sandwich.

With 6 chapters of sandwiches, they’ve got you covered for every meal, and yes, there’s even an entire chapter dedicated to dessert sandwiches. There’s also an extra chapter with recipes that will help you build your sandwiches, and includes various breads, seitan slices and tempeh bacon. On top of all that, each recipe is marked to let you know whether it can be made within 30 minutes or less, if it’s a travel-friendly addition to your lunchbox and if it can be easily adapted to gluten-free. I really enjoyed reading the introduction, along with giving encouragement to play around with the recipes once you’ve followed the recipe once, they include great tips for keeping your sandwich intact and non-soggy when traveling from point A to B.

I’ve been making sandwiches all month, but when the book first arrived on my doorstep, I had a lot of trouble deciding where to start. There are so many intriguing flavor combinations, and with all the beautiful drool inducing pictures (taken by the talented Celine), that it was hard choosing one recipe to start with, you gotta love problems like that.

I finally settled on the Tofu Pomegranate Pockets because there seemed to be an overabundance of pomegranates at the grocery store. These were a great first choice, the tofu turned out really nice with a smoky savory flavor and was perfect with the creamy dressing and crunchy sweet pomegranate seeds. The dressing calls for ume plum vinegar, which of course I didn’t find until after I made these, so instead I made due by replacing it with some apple cider vinegar and additional salt, I’m not sure if it tasted like it was supposed to but those pockets were pretty darn delicious!

The Peanut Butter Banana Bacon Sandwich may seem strange to some but this was another winner. The smoky chickpeas will be making a reappearance in my kitchen as it was hard to stop eating them out of the pan. You all already know what a sucker I am for peanut butter, and mixed with the sweetness of the bananas and the smokiness of the chickpeas made for a filling and tasty breakfast. I made all the sandwiches at once but these are best eaten warm off the press.

The Scrambled Burritos threw me off a little, because I initially thought this would be similar to your typical breakfast wrap, but as I started pulling out ingredients I realized how wrong I was. With all the different spices it includes, the filling has great flavor and has more of a thick stew like consistency which differs greatly from any scramble I’ve seen. P wasn’t a huge fan of the texture but I enjoyed it wrapped tightly and fried up nice and crispy. It can be a little messy to eat when warm, so napkins definitely don’t hurt to have around.

I wish I had picked up some better bread for The Almighty BLT, but alas, I was too lazy to go to the store. Although I would have preferred a nice crusty bread, I can assure you that my pre-sliced Silver Hills bread still got the job done. These are no ordinary BLTs, instead of the standard mayo, a unique spread is made using hearts of palm, sundried tomatoes and capers. Topped with tempeh bacon, tomato, lettuce and avocado, this sandwich is meant to fill you up. I have to honest and say that I’m still not a fan of tempeh bacon, although I enjoyed it, I found the marinade didn’t leave a very strong flavor, so the smoky/saltiness was very mild. Altogether, the combination of all the components made for a hearty, tasty sandwich that’s a smack in the face of flavor. I may revisit this one with my favorite tofu bacon.

I’ve made a few other recipes from the book but since I’ve been babbling on long enough, I’ll talk about those ones later. Now enough of my gushing, let’s get down to business. You’re probably wondering how you can get your very own copy of Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day without having to lift a finger*, well it’s your lucky day because by leaving a comment below telling me what your current favorite sandwich is, you can win a shiny new copy! Please note that this contest if for Canada and US only, contest closes November 25, 2012.
Contest is now closed, thanks for entering!

*I lied, typing involves lifting a finger :p

31 thoughts on “Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day Review & Giveaway!

  1. babette says:

    My favorite sandwich?

    Let’s see… I’m quite obsessed with anything involving vegan mayo, and I am very fond of the bbq seitan and coleslaw sandwich from Veganomicon.

    The sandwiches pictured above look delicious.

  2. Sarah says:

    Hello! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I would love to try that tofu pomegranate sandwich, it looks so interesting! I am always looking for new blt type vegan sandwich recipes.

  3. Cadry's Kitchen says:

    Don’t put me in the running for the cookbook, because I recently won a copy! But I have to say, this post has gotten me even more excited for it to arrive if that’s possible. That chickpea bacon, banana, peanut butter sandwich sounds and looks so crazy good.

    Like you, I’m hit and miss with tempeh. If there’s a strong marinade I’m okay with it, but most of the time I’d rather have seitan or tofu. Speaking of tofu, what’s the info on this tofu bacon? I’ve been meaning to make that for a while, and that desire was reinvigorated this past weekend at Native Foods. What’s your favorite recipe?

  4. Laura says:

    Those photos look really amazing, good job!
    I currently love stuffing shredded carrots, shredded beets, some greens and lemon pepper tofu into a pita pocket and topping that with some lemon-tahini sauce… Amazing meal!

  5. Dominique says:

    I love making banana and chocolate-hazelnut spread sandwiches for breakfast. When I’m not too lazy, I make them in my panini press so that the bananas are warm and creamy.

  6. Lizzie says:

    My new favorite sandwich is that Almighty BLT – and I haven’t even tried it yet!! Just the photo. My goodness, the photo!!!! ;p

  7. ammauceri says:

    I can’t explain it but right now I am on a PB&J kick! I am hoping to win this book so I can get a creative streak going 🙂

  8. MizzB says:

    Favorite sandwich is “FLT” – falafel, lettuce, tomato with sundried tomato basil hummus spread on whole wheat pita pockets. Looking forward to supplementing it with the tofu pomegranate pockets from the book if I win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Beth says:

    This cookbook looks really great! My fave sandwich is roasted veggies (red peppers, eggplant, zucchini, etc.) with avocado and basil on ciabatta. Yum!! 🙂

  10. Remy says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever picked a favorite sandwich before….but one I ate all the time in high school before the abundance of fake meats was onion, avocado, spinach, sprouts, a good dijon mustard, and some occasional marinated tofu on foccacia. I could never get sick of this one!

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