Monthly Food Network Cookalong: Epic Sandwich Time!

All this recent talk of sandwiches (thanks to Tami and Celine’s new book) gave me a mega craving and with the Food Network cookalong theme this month being none other than sandwiches, I figure I should give in and tame the beast (also known as my stomach). I knew I wanted to make something huge, like some of those crazy sandwiches you see at food trucks and popular diners, and I wanted to squeeze in as many of my favorite sandwich toppings as I could without it turning into some gross abomination. I decided to go with something somewhat reminiscent of a clubhouse sandwich, mostly because a clubhouse and fries used to be my restaurant meal of choice as a teenager and secondly because it was an excuse to throw in even more bread…what can I say, bread is awesome, you’re lucky I didn’t go with my second choice and make a toast sandwich. As it turns out, this thing tasted nothing like a clubhouse was better. I started off by throwing out the idea of using plain ol’ mayo and fancied it up by adding some fresh basil and sun dried tomatoes, I’m not sure why I never thought of this before, besides for hummus it’s become my new favorite sandwich spread. Next up was a mish mash of meatiness, tofu bacon, smoky soy curls via Vegan Diner (these are so good!) and Gobbler slices, a recipe from Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day which I’m been eyeing up ever since Tami posted it on her blog. If you don’t own Vegan Diner, then I suggest you make it your next book purchase, the soy curls recipe happens to be available on Google books right now but once you realize how good they are you’re gonna want access to all those other wonderful recipes!  Besides for that, you’ve got your lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese and a little sprinkling of pixie mean pepper.

I gotta admit, I was only able to eat half of this sandwich, but I blame the bread. A word of advice would be not to go with a boule, once you get to the center you end up with gigantoid slices of bread, which at the time, seemed like a great idea for someone like me who’s eyes are much larger than her stomach. Then reality sets in and you’re left with a huge hunk of uneaten sandwich. Lucky for me, the other half did not go to waste as my partner in crime, P, happily devoured it. Whew, disaster averted! Also, you can use any kind of bread you prefer but I do highly suggest going with a sourdough. Sourdough is the king of breads (suck it whole wheat!) and adds an extra zing of flavor that just goes so well with this sandwich.


  • Servings: One huge Ass Sandwich
  • Print
Author: The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado


  • 3 slices of sourdough or Italian bread, toasted
  • Sun Dried Tomato Basil Mayo, recipe below
  • 1/2 a recipe of Smoky Soy Curls
  • 3 pieces Tofu Bacon
  • 3 thinly sliced Gobbler Slices
  • 1/2 a large tomato, cut into 3 thin slices
  • 2 large romaine lettuce leaves
  • 4 thin slices vegan cheese
  • 1/2 avocado, pitted, peeled and cut into 6 slices

    • 1/2 cup vegan mayo
    • 3 oil packed sun dried tomatoes
    • 8 large basil leaves
    • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
    • Salt & pepper to taste


    1. In a blender or food processor combine the mayo, sundried tomatoes and garlic powder and process until smooth. Add the basil, salt and pepper and pulse until the basil resembles small flecks, scraping down the sides as needed. Transfer to a container and refrigerate for an hour to let the flavors meld.
    2. To assemble the sandwich, take one piece of bread and spread with 1 to 2 tablespoons of the sundried tomato basil mayo:
    3. Top with avocado slices:
    4. Then the sweet, sweet tofu bacon:
    5. Then take those cheese slices and slap ’em on:
    6. Another slice of bread with some of that mighty fine mayo:
    7. Gobbler slices! Ina pinch you could also use Tofurky deli slices:
    8. Oh, what? You thought we were done? No, no, no, now it’s time for some veggies:
    9. And now the piece de resistance, smoky soy curls!
    10. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, top with the remaining piece of bread, slice in half and dig in! Then proceed to lie on couch for the next hour with a severe case of faux meat sweats….I’m joking…well, a little.

    In other news, our trip to Hawaii was ammaaaaazzzing! If it wasn’t for the whole being Canadian issue, I’d be ready to move there in a heartbeat. I hope to do up a post in the next few weeks once we finish going through the mass amounts of pictures we took, so keep an eye on your reader for that gem. Plus, in another month, vegan mofo will be upon us! I’ve picked my theme and have already been overwhelming myself with ideas. Here’s hoping I can make it through the entire month a second year in a row. Are any of you taking part this year? Are you going with a theme or just winging it? Until next time friends!

    11 thoughts on “Monthly Food Network Cookalong: Epic Sandwich Time!

    1. Cadry's Kitchen says:

      That is one amazing looking sandwich! I’m a big Smoky Soy Curls fan too. It’s worth buying Vegan Diner for that recipe alone. I’ve made it so many times, I know the recipe by heart.

      I’m so excited for the beginning of VeganMoFo. I have some theme ideas, but I haven’t 100% committed to one yet. That’s very cool that you’re planning to blog everyday. I’ll be happy if I’m able to hit 5 days a week. I can’t wait to see what you have in mind!

      • Maggie Muggins says:

        I can’t believe I didn’t try them sooner! I’ve been hearing so many awesome things about the recipe since the book was released.

        Well in my head I plan to blog everyday..but we’ll see how that goes. I’ve picked a theme, and I’m already planning to stray from it time to time, everyday is a lot!

    2. KellyC says:

      “Suck it whole wheat”…hilarious!! Love the play by play on the sandwich build, always helpful. That things is definitely a monster! Great post!

    3. Allysia Kerney says:

      Yummers! We made clubhouse sandwiches a couple weeks ago for brunch and they’re so freaking good. Sandwiches ftw. Isn’t that Daiya havarti the best? I tried it for the first time this weekend and I’m in love. My newly vegetarian, nearly vegan boyfriend was all over it too, saying, “I don’t even care, this is cheese. Straight-up”. Well I don’t think he said straight-up, but you know.

      • Maggie Muggins says:

        I just read that post! So gonna make that clubhouse at some point. I haven’t seen many other veg blogs make one before, maybe it’s a Canadian thing? I was kind of picky about the Daiya shreds, but I’m having a total love affair with that harvati, it’s totally the best out of the 3.

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