June Vegan Foodie Swap from The Low Fat Vegan Chef

For the June vegan swap, I was paired up with Veronica over at The Low Fat Vegan Chef! This girl is awesome, not only did she send me a sweet package of goodies, but she also sent me some great info to help with our vacation planning. Thanks again with all your help Veronica!

I was sent a whole mix of things I’ve never tried before, plus one of my new favorite things. Here’s what I got:

  • Madagascar Pink Rice (so intrigued by this, can’t wait to see how it tastes)
  • Gogi & Cranberry White Sesame Strips
  • Oskri Coconut Bar
  • Ginger Cayenne Chocolate Bar (my new favorite chocolate bar!)
  • Smoked Spanish Paprika Powder (If you don’t already have some, do yourself a favour and add it to your spice collection)
  • Seaweed Snack Chips
  • Hardbite Jalapeno Potato Chips (mmmm, spicy chips are so good)
  • Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Filled Cookies + the Recipe!

I’m pretty sure it took all of 45 seconds before I succumbed to stuffing an entire cookie in my mouth. Send me anything with peanut butter in it and you will have a friend for life. Veronica, if you need help moving, painting your house, or someone to watch your cat/dog while you’re away, I’m your gal….just make sure there are more of these cookies 🙂 I loved that they were peanutty and chocolatey without being too sweet, and now that I have the recipe to go with it, I can make them whenever I want!

I sent my package to Jodi over at Simply Fresh, you can read all about her first swap experience and find out what I sent her here!

Want to sign up and get your own vegan swap package? No need to be vegan or vegetarian, all you need is a love for vegan food! Head over to MeShell’s blog and fill out the form, and who knows, maybe I’ll have the pleasure of making you a package!


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