May Vegan Food Swap from JC!

Every month when the vegan food swap comes around I get super excited, yeah I know this is only the second time I’ve taken part but I just love the mystery of it all. What should I get my partner? Will they like their package? What will be in my package? Something sweet, salty, spicy? Well my swap buddy for May decided to cover all the basis and sent me 4 fantastic items! JC, who you can find over at MeShell’s blog, included a lovely letter with an explanation for each item.

First up we have the Sweet – Sweet & Sara Toasted Coconut Marshmallows. Oh man these are good, I’ve only tried Sweet & Sara marshmallows once but they are the best marshmallows I have ever had! Add some toasted coconut and daaaaaaammmn. I’v been unsuccessfully trying to hide these from P, somehow every time I see them there seems to be another one missing, hmmmm.

The Spicy – Soma Mayan Hot Chocolate. I can’t remember the last time I had a mug of hot chocolate, I’m so looking forward to trying this. Talk about a pretty sweet indulgence on one of those cold nights camping.

The Salty – Soma “The Starry Night” Peruvian Chocolate. Holy. Shit. This chocolate bar is delicious! It’s rich dark chocolate with flecks of salt throughout, and I am in love with this combination. I’m not ashamed to say that this bar has vanished and I’m now trying to figure out how to score myself some more.

And last but not least, the Savoury – Organic Sundried Tomato Pesto. There was a little bit of leakage when I opened the package but I was relieved to see that the cap had just loosened a bit, whew, can’t be wasting no pesto, that shits like gold. Mmmm, delicious delicious gold.

Thanks so much JC! Seriously loved these items.

I on the other hand made up a cute little package for Kimmi over at Kimmi Kill Zombie, you can check out what I sent her over at her post here. She’s got some pretty rad posts on vegan hair dye, make-up, shampoo, you name it, plus check out that blue hair, love it!

Want to sign up for the Canadian vegan swap? You know you do, how could you not? So just take your little tuchus on over to MeShell’s blog and just do it, all the cool kids are 🙂

I know I’m way behind on posting this, but I’ve accumulated so many photos on my camera that need editing, that I’ve been kind of just avoiding them. Every time I see my camera out of the corner of my eye looking at me through his sad little lens, I pretend to be distracted, “oh, is that a commercial I’ve never seen before?”…”I think the plants that I watered this morning need to be watered again”…”Look! Something shiny!”…yeah, it’s pretty much like that, I am the queen of procrastination. I figured since this post only has four pictures to edit, I would start with that…baby steps people, baby steps. On the bright side, the plethora of photos on my camera mean that I have all kinds of crap to post about, so don’t give up on me yet! I will be back!

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