Pumped Up Potatoes

Well I wasn’t planning on going this long without posting but man it’s been one hell of a busy week. My week basically consisted of the following: work, bootcamp, work, baking prep, work, bake, work, supposed to be bootcamp but instead, bake, work, bake, bake, clean. So yeah, needless to say I did a tad bit of baking this week. Now that that’s all over and done with, I can get back to my normal evenings of nothingness, and just in time for all the new TV premieres, man those people really know how to suck you in during the colder months, there’s pretty much something on TV every night, and Sunday nights, whew, I best not make any Sunday night plans until March. I’m going to make more of an attempt to be less of a couch potato this time around, although I like to sit and veg every now and then, spending that much time in front of the TV or the computer for that matter (baby steps people) really makes me feel like a lazyass, which is not something I enjoy. So, as much as I like to watch all the train wrecks, also referred to as the pilot episodes for all the new tv series, I’m going to make an effort to just watch the shows I actually like (thank you HBO).

Speaking of potatoes, I made the Baked Pestotatoes from The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions a while back and figured it was about time I finally do a post about it. Right off the bat you may notice that these potatoes look a little lifeless, but that’s just because I apparently don’t know how to follow directions. The potatoes are supposed to be lightly rubbed with oil before they are put in the oven, which would have made the skin of the potato much more awesome then it turned out. My inability to read instructions aside, I ended up doing everything else right. The pesto is tofu based, which was new to me, every other pesto I have had has either made from walnuts or pine nuts. I thought the pesto was ok, but the tofu seemed to mellow out the flavour of all the other ingredients, which some people might prefer because it makes it super creamy but I was looking for more of a punch in the face of flavour. Oh and if you’re iffy about whether you’ll like the pesto or not, then you may want to scale back the recipe as it makes a ton. The recipe even says that it makes enough to fill 12 large potatoes. I think I ended up throwing my remaining pesto into some cooked quinoa and made a tasty salad out of it. I gotta say, even though I wasn’t in love with the pesto, putting pesto on top of a potato and baking it is pretty ingenious.

The creaminess of the pesto really added something special to the potato, kind of cheesy, kind of basily and all kinds of tasty. They’re pretty filling and are definitely way better then the old sour cream and chives standby. I’d love to retry this one by decreasing the tofu and replacing it with nuts to see if that helps make the flavour pop a bit more.

Now for something completely different. Vegan Mofo is just around the corner and for some stupid reason, I actually decided to sign up! Not familiar with Vegan Mofo? Well let me break things down for you, the Vegan Month of Food takes place during the month of October this year. The challenge is to write as much and as often as you can about vegan food during the entire month. A lot of people strive to post every single day! I can tell you right now that I don’t think I’ll get to 31 posts but I’m going to try my best. Wish me luck mofoers! I’m gonna need it.

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