Sloppy Suppers

My eating habits for the past few weeks have been sporadic, to say the least. For someone who doesn’t do a whole hell of a lot in the evenings besides watch tv, I’ve been doing a whole hell of a lot in the evenings and do to the lack of time I’ve had to spend in the kitchen and our semi empty fridge, I’ve been relying a lot on bread, sweets and random frozen things I happen to find in the freezer. This week I’m trying to get myself back on track by actually taking the time to plan some meals and buying foods that aren’t just brown. I’ve also got a lot of testing to do for some awesome people who are working on cookbooks to be released in the not too distant future, so expect to see a nice few tester photos soon. Amongst the loaves of bread, cookies and danishes (yep, I’ve been making danishes!), I did manage to squeeze out a couple balanced meals, but apparently I’ve got a one track mind as I made the same meal twice… at least I used different recipes for each.

I don’t think I’ve had any kind of sloppy joe since I first picked up a copy of Veganomicon, come to think of it, I’m pretty sure snobby joes was the first recipe I tried from that book. Needless to say, I haven’t had sloppy joes in a long time. I came across the Sloppy Joanna’s recipe in Yellow Rose Recipes and thought it sounded pretty good, not to mention quick to throw together. I’ve seen lots of different versions of sloppy joes with ‘beef’ crumbles and lentils, this one is tvp based; for those of you who might not be familiar with tvp, it stands for textured vegetable protein and is a high protein meat sub made from soy, it usually comes in chunks or granules. Now that we’ve had that little lesson, back to the meal!

I’ve had some tvp granules kicking around in our cupboards for a while and although they’re not my favourite thing to eat, I was excited to finally be able to use some of them. The tvp mixed with the tomato sauce, onions, liquid smoke, mustard and spices was a pretty rad combo, I preferred them extra saucy and poured in the extra tomato sauce that was recommended. The tvp has a great texture, I even prefer it to those store bought ‘beef’ crumbles, plus I’m pretty sure it’s cheaper. I liked that these were a bit sweet but it was a subtle sweet, which when mixed with a bit of cayenne was totally yum. The tvp was great in these but I’d really like to give them a shot with some crumbled up tempeh, so expect to see those on the menu when I go on another sloppy joe bender.

The next sloppy joe recipe I made were the Sloppy Chipotles Joses, which are a tester for the super talented Kim. Kim put a creative south western spin on the traditional version by mixing in some smokey flavours with chipotles, spices and chiles. Unlike Joanna’s recipe, Kim uses lentils instead of tvp which I originally thought I wasn’t gonna be a fan of, but boy howdy was I wrong! The lentils really give the meal a hearty and meaty texture and the flavour? Oh, the flavour is truly a wonderful thing, smokey, spicy, with hints of tomatoy sweetness. If you’re not a fan of spice then you may want to cut it back a bit but I thought it was the perfect ‘nose running’ amount. High in fibre and protein and low in fat, these make for a pretty healthy meal. I up’d the healthiness buy having it over some bible buns (or as most of you know them as, ezekiel buns), P hates those buns because he thinks they taste like dried up hockey pucks, but they’ve grown on me and I actually prefer the taste over regular whole wheat buns now, yeah they’re a bit dry but they’ve got some flava.

It just so happens to be your lucky day because Kim was kind enough to post the recipe on her blog! I’d repost it but that would mean that I’d have to keep typing and honestly, I’m just too lazy for that. So go on over and check it out! You shant be disappointed.

One thought on “Sloppy Suppers

  1. mihl says:

    I love sloppy joes both with tvp and lentils. I never heard about them before going vegan and reading US cookbooks. They make such a great and easy lunch or dinner.

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