Calgary & Okotoks Bake Sale Recap

I want to send a huge thank you to everyone that came out for both the Calgary and Okotoks vegan bake sale! We had so much fun at both events! The weather was absolutely beautiful on the day of the Calgary sale and we were so happy to see so many people come out and support our causes. I spent the day before baking my little heart out for both events and was thankful to see that all of our efforts did not go to waste, the combined events ended up raising $4000!! That’s crazy people! The total amount is being split between R.A.S.T.A and WSPA. Even with the rainstorm that hit us in the afternoon at the Okotoks sale we still had people dropping by in hopes of getting their hands on some vegan sweets, now that’s determination. Although I didn’t get pictures of everything, I did take a nice few photos, so prepare yourself for an onslaught of deliciousness!

We had an amazing spread of food for both sales, besides for Connie, Tanya and myself we had a few other generous bakers who contributed some treats. We even had support from some local businesses and were able to do some give aways which included some cookbooks, a dinner at Cafe Koi, gift card from Gratitude Cafe, items from Lush and a cookbook from The Coup!

Pizza rolls! I whipped these little babies up for both sales and I’m sad to say that I didn’t even get to keep one for myself.

Some chocolate mint cupcakes. Tanya went a little cupcake crazy and made a huge variety of cupcakes, I’m not sure how many she churned out for the Calgary sale but she made 14 dozen for the Okotoks sale! Both regular and gluten free cupcakes were big sellers a both locations.

Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes 

Hot Cross Biscuits. I wanted to make some Easter themed items and biscuits are way less time consuming then buns, I think they turned out kinda cute. I also made a carrot cake but didn’t get a chance to take any pictures as it sold as I was taking it out of the car, score!

Yum! Maple cupcakes and pecan blondies made by Connie. For a girl who can’t even taste her own baking do to a gluten intolerance, that girl sure can bake!

Cookies N Cream Cake

Strawberries N Cream Cake

As much as I enjoy making cakes, decorating these cakes at 1 in the morning is not an experience I care to repeat. At least they got to go home with some happy buyers.

Chocolate Espresso and Maple Glazed Donuts

Olive and Mushroom Flatbread

Tomato Rosemary Scones

I’d forgotten how good these scones are, I was lucky enough to snatch up one of the last remaining few.

CTV even showed up to do a little piece on our sale! Tanya was much more brave then me and didn’t shy away from the camera. It only lasted a minute but it was nice to see some coverage on our local news station. They didn’t get any clips of me, so I didn’t make it on the news but my pizza rolls did!

I thought I’d end this post with a shot of the lovely ladies who made these bake sales happen!

I could keep posting pictures but this post would be way to big. Some items I didn’t get shots of were banana cake, gluten-free quiches, samosas, an assortment of gluten-free cookies, balsamic onion ‘goat cheese’ tarts, s’more cookies, peanut butter blondies, gluten-free lasagne, chocolate raspberry blondies, dog treats, puppy chow, and the list goes on!

We had so much fun and are so excited by the outcome, we even doubled the amount we raised last year! Thank you to the two awesome ladies that planned everything with me and I just wanted to say how grateful I am to everyone that contributed their time and hard earned cash, I hope everyone enjoyed their treats and had a great time. I’m already looking forward to next year, although I think I may take a few days off from baking….oh, who am I kidding.

3 thoughts on “Calgary & Okotoks Bake Sale Recap

  1. mihl says:

    That sounds like a wonderful bakesale! How awsome you were featured on the local station. Al your stuff looks so delicious, especially the cakes!

  2. Katie Rose says:

    What an impressive array of goodies! The cupcakes are things of beauty, but I keep coming back to those pizza rolls. Baking for a good cause = you rock.

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